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Par/Seq - 06.30.2004 - 1:48pm

Par/Seq is starting to gain momentum again. My worries that it would sink into oblivion after it ceased to be an academic project have faded. After two encouraging meetings within the past week, I finally feel that things are back on the fast(er) track, and that we stand a chance of releasing a finished product within 16 months, & possibly less. Having a well-paid programmer with some proven experience on the team is definitely a plus...

True modularity has been abandoned at this point, which in my opinion is a good thing. There may come a time when we have gobs of cash and lots of programmers, and at that point we can implement it properly, but until then I'm happy to stick to Par/Seq's core functionality. The program will still be able to import & export user-made modifiers (which includes beat generators), so there's still a lot of potential for user-supplied content, and in this case it won't require any programming.

V 1.1 will be Par/Seq's first C# implementation. I fully expect a massive structural overhaul after Dave & I evaluate my choices concerning data structures, etc., in the current version. Hearing new, fresh points of view on issues that I've dealt with on my own for so many months is something I'm really looking forward to. Since we're switching languages it may be necessary to rebuild the program from the ground up, but little bits here and there will likely make the transition intact.

After nearly a solid year of work Par/Seq is still going strong. That by itself is an impressive fact, but more impressive still is that Matt and the other musicians who know about it remain continually interested in its progress. We've got a hit on our hands here, I'm sure of it.


Job Hunting - 06.30.2004 - 12:59pm

Yet another ironic post on the WWU job board...


Tooth Removal - 06.21.2004 - 9:22pm

Last Friday I had four wisdom teeth removed. I've actually grown to like yogurt, wonder of wonders.

Now, one of the reasons I'll never touch alcohol is because my body is remarkably susceptible to the effects of most drugs, even in small doses. The picture on the left was taken a few days before the operation. I look reasonably intelligent and alert.

The picture on the right is immediately after my operation - and as you can see, the drugs they administered have put my IQ in the red. My glazed cow-eyes look forward and see nothing as all current experiences are immediately replaced by new ones and forgotten. I doubt I'd last through a round of mental gymnastics with a lamp.

I don't recall this picture being taken (or any event that took place for the next 4-5 hours) but I've been told that for some reason I wanted to document the process of replacing gauze ,and also being walked to the car. Or at least that's what they gathered, since I couldn't really speak. I haven't asked why they didn't just refuse, mostly because I'm afraid they'll tell me that I was being belligerent about it...

Anyway, while browsing the local job listings I found this gem - it's a rare case of someone knowing exactly what they need.

Time for a warm evening walk.

Deep thought of the day - 06.09.2004 - 9:42pm

People can only afford to care about laws when they can also afford to live without breaking them.


A Giant has fallen - 06.04.2004 - 10:16am

Another headstone stands in the Graveyard. Here is an analysis of why Tactile Vision failed. I hope it can serve as a cautionary tale to all you ambitious project junkies out there.

To prop up my deflated ego, I'd like to end this post with a couple of quotes, courtesy of Nietzsche:

Making plans - To make plans and project designs brings with it many good sensations; and whoever had the strength to be nothing but a forger of plans his whole life long would be a very happy man: but he would occasionally have to take a rest from this activity by carrying out a plan - and then comes the vexation and the sobering up.

Too Great Objectives - He who has publicly set himself great objectives and afterwards realizes he is too weak for them is usually also too weak publicly to repudiate them, and he unavoidable becomes a hypocrite.

How should errors be spoken? - One may dispute whether it is more harmful when errors are spoken badly or as well as the finest truths. What is certain is that in the former case they injure the head twofold and are harder to remove from it; on the other hand, their effect is not as certain as in the latter case: they are not so infectious.

Hi - 06.02.2004 - 9:52am

If you're a regular reader, you've probably been wondering about the nearly month-long break I've been taking. Is the site dead? Has he lost interest? Let me start off my answer with a long, boring digression...

I've been following several long-lasting websites over the past four or five years, many of which were started around the same time I kicked this one off, and I've seen a pretty consistent pattern emerge. In the beginning, sites are gaudy, flashy and (understandably) lacking in content. For its first few months, the site is overloaded with everything that the creator can dump on it, regardless of quality, just to 'fill it out.' Updates during this period are often made daily, sometimes even hourly.

Before I go on, can someone tell me exactly what this means?

Then come the rounds of revision. It seems like every month brings a new look and feel to the place. During this time, updates slow down a bit, usually leveling out to once or twice a week, with a few scattered one-liners in between. As more content is added, it becomes necessary to organize it more thoroughly - new sections are created, the layout is cleaned up, less interesting content is removed and looks begin to give way to usability. This process is cyclical, and usually goes on for a few years, but eventually the site settles into a groove as the creator decidedes what they really want out of it.

Hey, for everyone who's been trying to get fit, now you can do it with glazed pretzels!

This groove is the mark of the 'matured' site. There's no reason to further alter the layout or feel of it because there's no obvious way to make it better. This groove can also make or break the site, because from now on it's only adding and removing content, and this process is not terribly exciting. By this point, updates have slowed to once or twice a month, and they're usually either very large content-dumps, or small one-liner bits of information. It's also at this point that the creator comes to realize either that the point of the site's existence has outlived their interest (at which point the site dies) or that it truly serves a useful purpose in their life. In the latter case, updates & upkeep are integrated into a solid schedule, and the site lives on.

This is pathetic. People need to get comfortable with being ugly. It would save them a lot of money.

My guess is that age plays a large role in this progression - many of these sites were started by 16-18 year olds who are now in their early twenties and therefore have a lot to do. I'm that way. Back when I was a freshmen and thought I was busy, I could easily squeeze in an update once a night if I felt like it. Now I schedule updates several days in advance.

And now for some pictures of creepy headless babies with feet for hands.

So anyway, no I haven't lost interest - this site's purpose is still alive and I intend to keep it going for as long as I can type. Perhaps not in the frantic, must-add-content sort of way that I used to, but who needs that anyway.

I ran across another picture of a burned post-dual Anakin from Episode III. It's pretty nasty - my guess is that it's just a makeup test, because lingering on this mug for more than a few seconds would guarantee an R rating. You can even see his mandible - eeeeew. Ever since hearing that the dual between Anakin & Obi-Wan is confirmed 12 minutes long - the longest on-screen duel in history - my interest in this failing series has been resurrected. Let's just hope that Lucas doesn't intercut between the dual and a series of far less exciting battles taking place simultaneously... and let's hope they exchange some good dialogue while they fight. (Actually, maybe that's hoping for too much.)

And now for some links:
Liz Magic Laser - yes, that's her real name
Worst Flash-Abusing Site Ever - why is everything rasterized?
Best Flash-Abusing Site Ever - why is it so much fun?
Neural Audio - interesting, though I suspect some hack-ery...
Powerbook Ebay Scam - this one's old but I'll post it anyway
The Happy Poster Project - here's my personal favorite
Disturbing Vintage Taxidermy - who paid for this stuff?
Do we live on a Meat Planet?
Taser demonstrations
Global furry catalogue - why are they all in America??

Until my next scheduled uber-update... enjoy the summer weather...


Eggo 8: Buttered Landslide

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